He Shou Wu or Fo-Ti Root powder, is known for its ability to improve hair growth and fullness as well as reverse grey hair. Additionaly, He Shou Wu has been used for centuries by the Chinese as an anti-aging supplement, and more specifically to improve brain function, prevent heart disease, and to lower cholesterol.

Chinese herbs (such as He Shou Wu) that build up Kidney Yin energy and nourish Qi and blood, are known to prevent hair loss, and may even help regenerate new hair growth and darken hair back to its original pigmentation. In research studies, it has demonstrated the ability to regrow hair in a majority of test subjects within three months. The herb’s mechanisms include activating hair follicle activation during the resting phase; mitigating the effects of the by product of testosterone (DHT) which is responsible for causing hair loss; and it may help to prevent further greying by protecting hair pigment.

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